“From the moment I walked into this gorgeous boutique in Inglewood, I was allured by the scents that emanated throughout the store and the gorgeous smile of the lady that greeted me. I knew I had found a Gem! Julia was inviting and so helpful, she took the time to show me the lovely boutique and the distinctive collection  from Lauren Bagliore.  I truly felt so inspired that I could not wait to meet this extraordinary designer!  From the moment I met Lauren Bagliore, I was greeted like I was a member of the family! Offered a sparkling wine as if I was being hosted! Her attention to detail is mind blowing. She really understands a women's body and knows how to compliment her best assets.  I just love the fine luxurious fabrics that come directly from Italy.  Beautiful silks, Jersey’s that work well for travelling, cashmere and boiled wool just to name a few.   She really gets the modern woman!  Her pieces are minimal yet complex as most of her items offer a variety of options which allow you to convert them into many different outfits!  I love that she only make a few pieces- very couture!  I am in love with the black Neo sleeveless cardi. It is a great layering piece and works with almost everything!  The  Olivia oversized sweater is so sexy yet modern, the Desiree Endless Dress is perfect for travelling and the Dante jacket is just gorgeous and a great piece to take with you anywhere. Lauren Bagliore is truly one of a kind and would recommend it to anyone wanting unique quality pieces!” – Cindy Arevalo. Toronto, Calgary & Miami.


"I met Lauren Bagliore in 2009 when I went back to North America after living in London, Dubai and Amsterdam.  I was immediately attracted to LB designs for her minimalistic, luxurious, and versatile style.  Bagliore was different for the fashion in both New York and Calgary, she had that European sense of style.  I, of course loved that it was a sophisticated style that I could wear well.  In 2009, I was travelling back and forth to Europe and New York for my business frequently.  I would always travel with Bagliore's basic pieces.  Her signature Wilhelmina WaSpy rain coat trench, a knit, a legging and I always packed LB's basic buttery-soft Italian jersey dress.  With those pieces I could get all I needed for my look as edgy, serious but soft, and romantic. I currently live in London and follow Lauren Bagliore's career.  I love to see her new designs and cherish the pieces I have.  I daily receive compliments when I wear LB Designs. I would love to see the Lauren Bagliore brand launch in the UK Market soon." -Kathleen. Co-Founder of KZK Jewelry. London, England.


"My husband introduced me to Lauren Bagliore's beautiful clothes by treating me to a classic black dress that can be worn a multitude of ways. Lauren explained that along with the dress, I was welcome in her studio to learn all of the options for wearing it. This was my very first experience working directly with a designer and I was a little bit nervous at first, thinking that I didn't really belong in the world of a fashion designer. I was instantly smitten! Not just with Lauren's beautiful collection, but with her warm and welcoming presence. That was four years ago, and ever since I consider it a treat whenever I get to shop at her striking studio space in Inglewood. It is a real treat to have a New York fashion experience right here in Calgary." - Karen Dawson. Executive Coach. Calgary, Alberta and international. 


"Anytime I wear your scarf I get so many compliments and I feel so elegant and high fashion and unique in it!!" - Darcy. Writer, Interior Designer & Architect. New York, New York.


"I had the pleasure of wandering in to Lauren's store a year ago while enjoying a day in Ingelwood. I had no idea the gem of an experience I stumbled in to. Lauren and her team walked me through a remarkable array of her brilliant designs and of course I had to leave with a few of her treasures‎ which I still wear with great pride. The quality and unique designs are date less." - Shannon Bowen-Smed. President & CEO of Bowen. Calgary, Alberta.


"It's interesting as women age, our physical and behavioural styles need to adjust to accommodate that; changing waist lines, troublesome feet, confidence, presence, etc. I would not have believed it until it happened to me. But it's not all dark and sad news. With changing bodies comes a renewed confidence in yourself. I love where I am, personally and professionally and other than that extra 20 lbs, life is pretty darn good! So why am I telling you this?  You get it,  your staff get it ( Julia is a star) women like to work with like-minded people. I appreciate your customer service and your staff's. They make me want to come to your beautiful store. I love great style, great fabrics and knowing the person behind it all. YOU are a great brand ambassador. I'll refer you in a heartbeat. I'm only sorry it took me so long to embrace your brand!" - Nancy. Toronto, Ontario.

"I was introduced to Lauren Bagliore in December 2014.  Her unique creations caught my eye.  After perusing her store in Inglewood I knew that adding her fabulous clothes to my wardrobe was a must.   Most pieces are multi-functional and provide great versatility which is an added bonus. The staff are fantastic and help pick items to work with your body and personality.  If you get a chance to have Lauren involved in choosing pieces, well, that is very special.  I look forward to adding more pieces to my closet, as most are interchangeable within Lauren's collections and work well with items not part of her collection. Once you wear Lauren’s pieces you become captivated by how great you feel.  I get many compliments when wearing her clothing, from both friends and strangers.  What more could a woman ask for!" - Laurie. Calgary, Alberta. 



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