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Travel Tips From 4 Calgarians Who Are Frequent Flyers

We talked to four Calgarians for whom air travel is a way of life to find out their best advice for what to bring, how to bring it, and how to make the whole flying experience a whole lot better.

Lauren Bagliore

Creative Director, Lauren Bagliore

Fashion designer Lauren Bagliore travels frequently between her native New York City, where she has a studio in the garment district of Manhattan, and her adopted hometown of Calgary, where she has a second studio and concept shop in Inglewood. In addition to all her work-related travel, Bagliore and her husband love to holiday in Italy.


What’s your philosophy when it comes to packing?

“I’ve had to become a more savvy packer. When I was first dating my husband, because I’m from New York and he’s from Calgary, going back and forth I would bring everything but the kitchen sink. But now that I have a business and homes in two countries, I have to be smart with what I bring. I can’t say I’m a total minimalist yet – I aspire to get there – but as a woman I think that’s kind of idealistic, especially dealing with two different weather systems in two different countries.”


What brand of luggage do you use?

“I’ve tried so many different brands, but, believe it or not, I use a Samsonite four-wheel that’s easy to move around. I usually have some of my sample pieces in there as well as my personal pieces. Back when I’d be bringing my collection to different showrooms all over the city, I would use a hockey bag, this big Easton goalie bag. I’d always get these looks at the airport and I’d be like, ‘I’m not a hockey player!'”


Do you have a routine once you’ve boarded the airplane?

“I try to work between New York and Calgary. It’s a four- to five-hour flight so I’m trying to maximize my time. If I’m going to Europe I try to be more relaxed. I do love to read an old-fashioned book. I’m not a Kindle user – I love the smell of a book and the weight of it in my hands.”


What’s your best advice for navigating airports?

“I’ve missed flights in the past and that’s just the most horrible feeling, you’re so stressed. Sometimes it’s out of your control, but it’s just the worst feeling in the world, so I’ve learned to give myself more than enough time. Leaving earlier is always better. I used to make fun of my dad for that, but he’s so right! I learned the hard way. With age comes wisdom.” – S.A.  

“I design what I wear, I design what I love, and I design what I need. I knew, with my lifestyle, I needed pieces that were functional, easy to pack, not too heavy but also versatile.”


   Lauren Bagliore’s 4 travel essentials


Gluten-free snacks

“I’ve been gluten-free forever, before it was a big thing. The airlines are just starting to get a little better with options but I think they have a long way to go.”


Pour-over coffee maker

“I love my espresso a certain way. Whatever hotel I’m at, there’s always a way to get hot water, so I always make my own.”


Facial mist

Bagliore makes her own using essential oils such as bergamot, lavender and grapefruit.


Lauren Bagliore Celia Cocoon Coat

“This coat is made from a fabric I developed, a high-tech Japanese nylon that’s wind and water-resistant and breathable. You could wear it for anything from 12 degrees to minus-30.” Bagliore also packs her Desiree “Endless” Dress, which can be worn 10 different ways, and Palermo pleated wrap. “The wrap is a piece that’s elegant for Italy and edgy for New York – you can crumple it, hand-wash it, and it doesn’t wrinkle.”