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Welcome to Lauren Bagliore: Luxury Fashion with Heart

Lauren Bagliore Dressing Client


“For the love of Fashion” is something you commonly hear. I too have always loved beautiful things. What I am most passionate about are beautiful things with a purpose. My purpose as a designer is to love women through the means of fashion. The women come first.  What I do in terms of design and creation is in service of the one who wears it, not the other way around.

My pieces are not something you just put on to be stylish or fashionable. A wardrobe should be so much more than that.  For me, fashion and function must always meet.  What you put on should empower you to take your rightful place in the world.  Most people know that I hate trends; the pieces I create are timeless—they are designs that will become those “forever” pieces in your wardrobe.  To me, what is always timeless and always in style, is loving yourself deeply and stepping forward from a place of authentic self-love and power.

Coming up in the world as a designer, I worked with luxury brands - Vivienne Westwood in London and Zac Posen in New York. It was an exciting time. From the outside, I was living the dream. Yet, in my heart I knew that climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t for me. I knew in my heart I had to take a risk and start my own line.

At Lauren Bagliore, we are small but mighty. As a boutique luxury fashion house, the benefit is I am hands-on with every stage of the design process. I travel to Italy and select our fabrics myself. I have to see and handle the material to know that it is worthy of our clients.  I personally test each fabrication we use, and even develop my own textiles as well.  In my home city of New York, I personally shop in the Garment District for anything else we need—trim, fabric, buttons, notions, you name it.  When we are making the clothes in our studio just off 7th Avenue, I am on the front lines there too, working on each step of the process from design concept, to draping, to finishing each garment.  I come alive in the studio.  The feeling of my team working together in service of a shared creative vision is just incredible to me each season, each collection, and never gets old.  What we do is special—it is still artisan made, and proud to be Made in New York.  Our pieces are all limited editions, original, rare, and unique—just like the women we dress.

People think fashion is a superficial thing. That’s not true for LB. When dressing my clients, I see them put on our timeless pieces and watch them instantly transform before my eyes. “Look at me,” is something often I have heard women say as they stand in front of the mirror. This is not “look at me” as an expression of a need for external validation. The women we dress don’t need approval. They need a wardrobe that meets them where they are in terms of their unique lifestyles. Fashion can empower you or disempower you. There’s absolutely nothing superficial about wearing a garment you love.  It is actually an expression of self-love, an act that says, “I am worth it.”  Fashion is a vehicle that can allow the wearer to both feel and tell the world, “I am worthy of looking and feeling my best.” It starts from the inside out. This philosophy is reflected in our garments as well.  In all the pieces I create, the inside of each garment has to look as beautiful as the outside.  I have said and done this since day one.

I recently dressed a client in our beautiful Signature Celia Cocoon Shearling Coat, and she embraced herself immediately when she put it on—it was the most natural thing to do. It made me so happy because she was not just loving this incredible piece on herself, but she was actually loving herself.  This luxurious fur coat just unleashed this response in her.  As a beautiful person inside and out herself, she was simply responding to beauty.  It is moments like this that I know I’m keeping my promise to women.

Everything I create is created in love. When I dress you, you are sempre “Tesoro Mio,” my treasure, enveloped in the fabric of my love.

Best Always,

Lauren Bagliore