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The Desiree "Endless" Dress: Everyday Armor for Women (VIDEO)


When I first started designing clothes, I wanted to make a dress that could travel extremely well, be converted from day to night and make you feel beautiful. Many of my clients travel and they needed a piece that could be their ‘go-to’ dress to build off of.

So, I personally tested dozens of the best fabrics to find the right one that would drape effortlessly, be wrinkle-resistant and travel well. Then I designed a silhouette that makes you feel amazing and converts easily into different styles.

But finding this type of dress hasn’t been easy to find - especially in a size that fits you. I understand.

So it was my goal to make this signature dress that is edgy, stylish and can fit a normal woman’s body. Why? Because I’ve heard requests and you matter! I want to empower you in your everyday life.

Watch as I style a precious friend and client of mine in the Desiree dress and how it converts into several different looks. I show you 6 ways to wear it and it truly can be converted “Endless” ways – so have fun and be creative making it perfect for you and how you feel in the moment.

I will show you how to convert this signature dress from long-sleeve to basic, to a bold strapless, to elegant skirt and more. As well, see how I pair it with jackets and vests.

This may be the dress you have been looking for. Enjoy.


Best Always,
Lauren Bagliore + The LB Team

Bringing out the inner confidence in women since 2009

P.s. If you’re drawn to the versatility, luxe fabrication and gorgeous draping that will flatter any body type, you’re in good company. Shop the Endless Dress.