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Be Your Own Kind of Wonder Woman: Fashion as a Superpower

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“I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. In the name of all that is good, your wrath upon this world is over.” – Wonder Woman

What a film. I mean, what modern woman does not love the film Wonder Woman? We at Lauren Bagliore, love to see powerful women come to life on screen. What is more beautiful even, is watching powerful women come to life in a new way before my eyes in the pieces I create.

Fashion has transformative power. When form and function come together in our wardrobe, it has a liberating and dignifying effect. Wonder Woman’s cuffs are bullet proof and she uses them as shields deflecting and combating evil. Her outfit represents her identity and heroism—it represents who she is. She is royalty and otherworldly, put on earth to help those who are oppressed and who do not have a voice. Sounds similar to what some of us are doing and are called to do, doesn’t it? Without her getup, no one knows who she really is. Her clothing is a symbolic manifestation of her true identity. I believe that all women should know the confidence that comes from wearing something that makes them feel bulletproof—something that represents their true, unique identity.

To me, fashion is not something superficial. For years I have been blessed to experience the transformative power first-hand of what a well-designed and crafted garment can do to a woman’s self-esteem. From initial design conception—concept to finish and arrival in our store—I have been privileged to see some of our clients’ countenances change before my own eyes, upon putting on the garments I have created. How can some think fashion is merely a service to fleeting trends and meaningless? The power of putting on something that makes you feel both confident and beautiful is likened to putting on your very own Wonder Woman ensemble. When a woman puts on something that she feels amazing in, she stands up a little taller and holds her head up a little higher, and in Lauren Bagliore, she certainly gets that extra but of edge that makes her representative of a force to be reckoned with.

This is why we never let women leave our shop in something that doesn’t suit them. Clothes should look good, feel good, and serve a purpose for YOU. Beauty and design with a purpose is a founding principal at Lauren Bagliore.

When I design, my process is unique in that my inspiration usually begins with the fabric. I am so tactile—I like to touch the textiles I work with, feel their weight in my hand and dream-up what I could design in the fabrication I have just fallen-in-love with. I visualize my clients wearing this fabric in a certain way—this inspires me. Then I move to my dress form and drape an idea into existence. The initial feel and function of the fabric determines the potential for the finished design. Also, when I need specific performance from a fabric and can’t find what I am looking for, I will develop it. This is how I created our signature Japanese nylon that is both wind and water-resistant and breathable.

Fashion and function are key elements in my process as well. Empowerment of women and beauty are always foundational. If we see ourselves from a higher place, we set greater expectations in our lives from the clothing we wear. To find items that inspire your inner superhero, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

1. Do I feel beautiful and confident in this piece?
2. Is it functional for my lifestyle?
3. Does it travel well?
4. Will it last?
5. Do I feel inspired and transformed in this piece?

Our whole collection is designed to empower women. A few of our signature items that may help reveal your own unique, inner Wonder Woman include:

1. The Desiree “Endless” Dress
This piece has the power to shapeshift into ten different dresses, so you can change your style at will and still travel lightly. It also looks good on various body types. The fabric is super-flattering, travels oh-so well, and is beautifully made in Italy.

2. The Giovanna Fingerless Gloves
These leatherette gloves certainly keep you warm and are an excellent example of where fashion meets function with our fleece-lined, hands-free design, giving you the ability to text with ease, and drive your sports car manually. They can be worn in the rain and can also can transform into sleeve extenders for added warmth to any garment. We have two versions: the winter version, described above, and the spring version available in luxurious Italian lamb leather for a super chic, sleek look.

3. The Convertible Bandana Bag
This Italian lamb leather bag is a very edgy fashion item, but also a highly functional accessory. It can be worn multiple ways—across the body, around the waist with the chain belt, or around the neck, keeping your valuables safe and close-by when you need them most.

Whatever you wear, when you look in the mirror, my heart for you is for you to see and embrace your own fierce beauty and powerful potential looking right back at you. Clothe yourself in love daily, be kind to yourself always. Find something that makes you feel both confident and beautiful and sets you up to be an agent of change for the good in this world. No one else can offer this world what you alone uniquely can.


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