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Building a Wardrobe with Luxury Basics: Style Advice from Stylist Jessica Mulroney and Designer Lauren Bagliore

Jessica Mulroney and Lauren Bagliore talking fashion


How can you be elegant and timeless and still have a style that stands out from the crowd? For designer Lauren Bagliore, polished personal style starts with luxury limited-edition pieces. While accessories are important to make an outfit your own, Bagliore believes, to put your best look forward, you must lay the foundation properly, taking us back to the art of creative layering with her luxury basics.

Too often women are pushed into a trend and a garment that does not suit them. The Desiree “Endless” Dress is a base layer that can be worn multiple ways and was designed to flatter diverse body types. With sizes available from XXS to XXL, the Desiree allows every woman the chance to conceal any areas of concern and reveal her best features.

Made of the finest Italian textiles, the Desiree “Endless” Dress is beloved by women who travel for the versatility it offers – one dress, endless options.

Another client favorite at Lauren Bagliore is the Dante Dagger Jacket.  Made of buttery soft Italian lamb leather, this jacket is truly a second skin and the ultimate in modern luxury. Bagliore hand-selects each piece of leather individually to make these limited-edition jackets. Only the finest leather will do. With cuffs that can be worn to show off the unique printed silk lining, it looks and feels beautiful from the inside out.

 “I love this jacket. I think having a structured leather jacket in your wardrobe is one of the best investments that you can make, because I’ve had mine for probably 10 years. You’ll wear it with a pair of jeans when you run out with the kids. You’ll wear it with a pair of pencil black pants, beautiful heels. You’ll look good to go out for dinner. You can pair it with a big skirt, a cocktail dress, and it looks amazing. This is the kind of thing that you literally can wear all the time.”  Jessica Mulroney

Living between two countries, Bagliore also believes in simplifying her own life and the lives of the modern travelling woman with the creation of signature accessories.  A stand out look that fits any occasion is hard to achieve if your handbag is weighing you down. Traditional handbags can be a burden, especially when you’re travelling. For stylish women on-the-go, The Holster Bag has you covered. It’s empowering to keep your valuables close by and still have both your hands free. Watch video

“When you look in the mirror and genuinely love what you are wearing, it gives you tenacity and self-assurance. It helps you believe in yourself. Confidence never goes out of style. It is at the heart of what it means to be truly elegant.” – Lauren Bagliore

Jessica in the Dante Dagger Jacket + The Holster Bag.









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